Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yard Sticks! How can be so hard to find a yard stick?

Okay, I need to make those infamous collars for an Akatsuki Cloak. OF course, to measure such collars out, it would be good to have a yard stick. Since I moved to the beautiful and sunny California, I left behind my yard stick since, hey I figured, I could get a replacement.

But, oh no. Yard sticks are like trying to find a stinking piece of gold nugget in a stream after panning for 10 hours straight.

There is no store near me that carries yard sticks! Can you freaking believe that? I drove down to WalMart...nope. They've been out of yard sticks since I moved here back in August. Went to Target...nope dont even carry such things. Home Depot...nada...

I drove over 30 miles trying to locate a store that carries yard sticks!!!

WHAT is wrong with this state???

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babazaroni said...

Try your local hardware store for yardsticks. Certainly home depots would have them in the tool department.