Thursday, March 08, 2007

RIP Keiko (May 1, 1995 - Mar 7, 2007)

Im totally sad. Extremely sad.

Really bummed. Really really bummed.

Got some bad news this morning from my dad. My little baby, my precious little pet pomeranian passed away last night in her sleep. I was hoping to see her at least one more time when I returned to Hawaii this coming April, but her health was failing, and prone to bad asthma attacks. Well, she had a really bad one and it probably ruptured her lungs. Though she acted "normal" she simply went to sleep last night, and went peacefully.

She was the dog I always wanted, in the exact color that I liked, ever since I fell in love with two pomeranians I saw at Kewalo Basin on a school excursion. And when she arrived at the pet store my sister worked at, I knew I had to have her. She was my baby.

Rest In Peace.

(May 1, 1995 - Mar 7, 2007)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Another interesting video about Airplanes

We are so used to seeing our everyday airplanes just take off, fly and land, without doing any type of "drastic" maneuvers (ie barrel rolls). We are of the belief that for a commercial airliner, meant to carry passengers, that it would be unrealistic for a plane to do.

Think again

Boeing 707 ... doing a barrel roll. Yes, commercial airliners can do what the smaller guys can.

I want to got to Wellington, NZ

That is , if I get to experience one of these types of landings!

Forget Cedar Point!