Monday, July 24, 2006

And they say tv is bad for you!

Well, imagine being Corey Workman. Corey lives in Florida. What creatures live in Florida and are causing a major wide spread problem for that state? Yeah, you guessed it. Alligators (blog jack - did you know that Gatorade was named that because the creators developed it in Florida?)

So, Corey Workman was attacked by an alligator. This 16 year old boy was dragged to the bottom of the St. John's River, struggling to get out of its death grip on his left foot. What is a boy to do? Oh, yeah. He remembered watching a special on the Discovery Channel about how to deal with alligators. Ya POKE'em in the eye, matey!

With his newfound knowledge, this boy was able to escape from the death grip of an alligator and live a happy life in Alligator infested Florida. Good Job Corey!

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